There are plenty of evidences that Ismailj Morinaj (32) an Albanian guy from Italy launched the drone from the roof of nearby church on the Partizan Belgrade stadium on 14th October during #‎SerbiaAlbania‬ EP 2016 qualification match.


The drone with the map of the Greater Albania was launched by Morinaj. He used to practice the alpinism so the action of reaching the top of the church wasn’t so hard for him. He entered Serbia on 11th October choosing the hostel close to the Partizan Stadium, using Italian ID.


Morinaj escaped from Serbia after the incident but Serbian officials located him by Interpol s help. Serbian security services founded that Morinaj is in private connection with the Albanian PM brother – Olsi Rama. Seems that they are very well know each other, long planned the action on how to provoke unrest in the match.


There are several very sad things:

1. Albanian PM brother Rama, took control of the drone via his iPhone application, navigating it from the lodge of the stadium where he was a VIP guest.

2. There is a very interesting video showing the Albanian player with the number 14 – Xhaka, turned toward the bench getting instructions from the sidelines before moving the flag and attacking Serbian player Mitrovic who removed the flag in order to continue the match.

3. The Albanian prince received provocateurs congratulating him venture which normal and people who want reconciliation and tolerance would be ashamed.

4. My Albanian friends still have not condemned the provocation. They are united only in condemnation of the consequences and ridiculing Serbia, celebrating within the region what is not a sport but a blatant provocation that could destabilize the entire region.


Masters of provocation provoke masters of excessive use of force. Things might escalate much more but fortunately everything was not as bad as they planned. Very, very sad and extremely unsportsmanlike!

Serbian hooligans’ behavior is unacceptable and reprehensible. As a society we in Serbia need to seriously take it into the consideration as same as Albanians should take their nationalism which is a serious threat for the good relationship within the region.